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Before reaching the tap, your water has traveled deep underground for decades, undergoing a natural filtration process as it passed through hundreds of feet of closely packed sand and gravel.





Welcome to the Westbury Water District Web site. Since its establishment in 1911, the utility has been devoted to providing its consumers with a safe, high quality and ample supply of public drinking water. Today, local residents enjoy clean and delicious tap water delivered through a series of 10 deep wells situated underground along with 92 miles of water mains.

The public is encouraged to use water wisely and help protect our natural resources by following regulations, starting a conservation routine and refraining from polluting.

The 6,000 households and businesses located within the Westbury Water District's five-square mile service area are also protected by the Westbury Fire District. In fact, the fire/water district falls under one jurisdiction, making it one of only three combined districts in Nassau County. This unique concept provides consumers with the added benefit of coordinated administrative efforts as well as daily cooperation between the two entities.

Please feel free to search this site regarding the Westbury Water District. Log onto www.westburyfd.org for fire district information.




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