About Our District

The Westbury Water District has prided itself on delivering high-quality, delicious tap water to its surrounding residential and commercial area for over 110 years.

We encourage visitors to learn more about the District, keep up-to-date with the most recent news and developments within the community and you can view our map of the District’s five-square-mile service area. 

Westbury Water District Statistics

  • Founded in 1911, the Westbury Water District is one of Long Island’s original public water suppliers
  • The District provides high-quality drinking water to 6,000 residential and commercial properties
  • Servicing five-square-miles within the Village of Westbury
  • Pumping capacity – 17 million gallons per day
  • Storage capacity – 2.5 million gallons
  • 10 deep wells drilled into Long Island’s Magothy Aquifer
  • 92 miles of water mains
  • 785 fire hydrants
  • Three-time Nassau County Winner of the Best Tasting Tap Water Contest

Distribution System

The District pumps the underground water supply utilizing 10 wells and is placed in two storage tanks – one elevated and one underground.

These tanks, which are regularly inspected and monitored by water district professionals to maintain the safety of the public, are designed to hold a sufficient amount of water to meet day-to-day consumer demands and provide adequate fire protection for the Village of Westbury. Water travels from the tanks, passing through the district’s 92 miles of water mains, then delivered to the consumers’ taps.