Lawn Irrigation and Watering

Nassau County Ordinances – Irrigation Regulations

  • Nassau County prohibits the irrigation of all residential and commercial properties between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. 
  • Even house numbers may water on even dates.
  • Odd house numbers may water on odd dates.
  • If you don’t have a house number, you water on an even date.
  • Watering is not permitted on the 31st of any month.

Backflow Prevention Assembly Requirements

The irrigation/sprinkler company or plumber must install the backflow prevention assembly on the water service to the premises in accordance with the Westbury Water District’s standard requirements listed in the rules and regulations.

The backflow device must be tested upon initial installation and the test form submitted to the Water District office within ten (10) days.

In addition, it is required by the Health Department that all backflow devices be tested annually and a copy of the test form must be submitted to the Westbury Water District. The District office will send you a letter annually indicating that your device is due for this inspection. You will have thirty (30) days to have this test completed and submitted.

NOTE: No work is to be performed on either the installation of the irrigation system or the backflow prevention assembly until the application for the irrigation system and the Health Department application form have been received and approved, in writing, by the Westbury Water District.

Please stop by the water district office to pick up an application.